Quality Control: CleanTelligent Software

Every janitorial service provider claims they have the best quality control in the industry. Well, with CleanTelligent software, we actually do! CleanTelligent gives us the ability to manage performance and insure attention in real time to our clients through computer access. Using smart phones and tablets enables our management team to have access to data anywhere at any time. This added mobility increases our management team’s efficiency and effectiveness maximizing our “face time” with clients to insure customer satisfaction and quality control.

CleanTelligent consists of four major components: inspections, work orders, job scheduling and reports. Our team of project managers can easily perform inspections, post scores and communicate this information on-line to our clients. From this documentation, Work Orders can be produced to correct any and all deficiencies. Clients can also produce Work Orders based upon their observations or service requests. Again, this information is quickly passed along to the responsible person to expedite problem resolution. All data can be easily tracked and monitored to insure problems are quickly and completely corrected.

Communication is the key to earning our clients trust and confidence. CleanTelligent accomplishes this goal with their software and improves our relationships with our clients with complete transparency. This software is customized to meet the needs of each facility. We can provide our clients with up to date performance measurement complete with graphical displays and analysis.