Green Cleaning Program

At TQBS, we take a holistic approach to the buildings we clean, our clients who work in these buildings and maintaining a healthy, sustainable environment. Everything we do effects our clients, their productivity and morale. From the chemicals we use, the equipment we operate and the waste we produce.

Use Hepa-filter vacuum cleaners

Floor machines that emit 70 decibels or less and are energy efficient

Green Seal chemicals that are GS-37 compliant

Recycled paper products

Training of our staff on how to properly mix and use specific chemicals

Site specific recycling procedures and trash removal

Equipment care & maintenance logs

Identification and training of hazardous chemicals

Floor care records maintained

We can customize our Green Cleaning Programs to meet each client’s facility. Initially, we’ll make a careful assessment of the client’s unique settings and their opportunities for improvement. Then we’ll offer our recommendations to property management to correct any deficiencies. Based upon feedback from the client, we’ll proceed with the appropriate actions required.

We can also help our client’s earn points towards LEED Certification. By being fully compliant and meeting all LEED requirements regarding Indoor Air Quality and proper storage and collection of recyclables, we can do our part to maintaining a sustainable environment.

As a LEED Green Associate, Brent and TQBS are proud members of the US Green Building Council.